State and Federal Laws for Fire Watch Guards

Fire Watch Guards

Fire watch guards are fire safety equipment designed to be placed on top of buildings, fences, or other structures that are used as protection for employees and visitors in occupied buildings. This equipment is usually installed by a licensed electrician who is also licensed to work in a fire department. These electrical guards are highly effective and they can be used in several settings.

When shopping for fire watch guards, it is essential to choose a guard that provides adequate security services and that has excellent lighting systems. Most of these guards offer the following services: patrolling. When the on-site fire alarm system is not functioning, a trained electrician can check on the overall condition and performance of the system and the alarms. When a guard is deployed to a premises, it is the responsibility of the security services provider to ensure the safety of their clients and guests. Ensuring the safety of premises, tenants and visitors requires the use of a security guard that has the following attributes:

Installation. Fire watch guards are required to be installed by a licensed electrician so that the electrical components of the equipment are in good condition. This equipment will need to be installed in areas where there are combustible materials that could ignite and cause an explosion. The logs used in the system are specifically designed to resist heat and flame and have special additives that help them resist electrical shock. Electricians who install the equipment will also make sure that the logs are placed at an appropriate height so that they can easily be seen and identified.

Operational Requirements. Fire watch guards are considered to be part of on-site firefighting personnel. In addition to providing security and safety services, they are required to undergo ongoing training. This training is usually provided by the local fire department and may require the guards to undergo further training annually as required by state law. Local fire departments will also conduct regular inspections of fire watch guards to ensure that the equipment they are using is still up to standards.

Compliance. All federal and state law requirements for fire watch guards will apply. All employees who participate in the employment of fire watch guards will be expected to adhere to all of the laws regarding fire hazards, and to treat all emergencies in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the employer. All employers will take responsibility for inspecting their fire hazards and ensuring that they comply with all state and federal regulations; however, it is the responsibility of each employee to report any fire hazards that they observe immediately to the fire department.

Fire hazards are a serious concern for both business owners and tenants. For business owners, having an effective fire watch guards plan in place can protect your investment and property. For tenants, being aware of fire equipment and procedures can allow you to seek proper assistance should a fire occur. It is in each owner’s best interest to conduct a comprehensive inspection of fire equipment and procedures once a year. All business owners and managers can expect to be held accountable if they do not follow all requirements and regulations outlined by OSHA and local fire departments.