Same Day Crowns – The Benefits of Same Day Crowns

Same day crowns (also referred to as Dental Crowns) are a kind of dental crown that is fitted on the same day that you have your tooth extracted. These kinds of crowns can be of various types, such as bridges, fixed bridges, and also veneers. A crown is basically a porcelain cap that is placed on top of your tooth in order to cover it up. It is generally made of gold or porcelain, and it looks just like a natural tooth.

Same day crown is made of gold or porcelain in color, although there are several colors that these crowns come in. This type of crown looks just like your natural tooth, including all the enamel, gums and the root of the tooth. Unlike other types of crown, this one doesn’t need to be shaped according to the shape of your original tooth.

Same day crown can be used to correct various dental defects that you have experienced during your childhood. As an example, you can get your crowns done for the damages that you have received from your teething problem during your childhood. During the process of crown shaping, your dentists will take away all the natural teeth that are present on the surface of your teeth during the formative years. As a result, you will get teeth that look like they’re made out of white porcelain, as well as gums that look just like real teeth.

As you can see, the same day crown is useful for many different cases. You can use it for your teeth that have been badly shaped because of your age, or because of the way that your teeth were formed at the time of your birth. Some of the benefits of using the same day crown can include:

* This is just another dental treatment that will give your teeth a complete makeover. It will not only help you look more attractive and healthy, but it will also allow you to easily brush and floss your teeth again. – something that you can’t do if your teeth are damaged due to your age.

* With crowns, your teeth will look exactly like they look before they were created. – this means that the enamel will remain and there won’t be any gaps in between your teeth. – the result is a perfect set of teeth.

* The way that the crown looks like will depend on what the underlying tooth is doing. If the tooth is worn down, for example, the dentist will probably work on it so that it matches the teeth. In this case, the process of shaping the crown is similar to that of the one used in creating a full set of teeth: using a molding material that matches the rest of your tooth, which then forms the entire look of the crown.

* If the enamel of your tooth is discolored and looks broken, or chipped, the same day crowns will fit the existing tooth and fill in the gap. – so long as the tooth is properly maintained, this process should work as expected.