Managing Partner – Tyler T. Tysdal

Tyler T Tysdal

Tyler T. Tysdal was an avid collector and serious trader of baseball cards both as a youngster growing up in Ohio and as an adult living in California. A college graduate, he pursued a degree in finance but didn’t settle on the path of card collecting. Instead, he decided to open his own card collection and trading shop. Tyler specialized in rare rookie cards, such as those that were included in the Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig rookie cards which are some of the most valuable in the world. He was equally adept at finding card values as was being able to identify card collectors who were willing to part with their treasures for a small profit.

Tysdal decided to expand his trading business when he received an inheritance of $1.35 million from his uncle. He immediately used part of the money to purchase a small printing press and a color printer and got started making some custom trading cards. Within a few months, he was so successful that investors would ask for more money to buy more cards. It took Tyler a few years to gain investors but he always refused to sell his company. Instead, he kept it open for investors to use while working out of his home.

He soon learned that other entrepreneurs also wished to profit from this business and opened up several trading and collectible shops. Though Tyler was aware that trading cards had potential as a source of income, he concentrated on helping fellow entrepreneurs and not on trying to make a profit himself. Most of the other entrepreneurs he knew went on to become a major success in their own right. He became increasingly frustrated and began searching for new sources of capital to help him expand his business.

In the meantime, Tysdal had begun studying how to be an investment banker. The education he received in college prepared him well for the job he eventually landed. He impressed the investment bankers with his business savvy and understood how to spot companies that had a profitable market. He was also well read in many fields including business, finance and statistics and was a great writer.

He soon learned that another way of earning extra income besides being an entrepreneur was by being an author and then selling the books he wrote to investors. He began working as a book editor and freelancer and soon became one of the best known authors in the world. His first book, entitled “Tyler T. Tysdal on Private Equity Investments” sold over a million copies. As the popularity of his title grew, Tyler T. Tysdal decided to focus on offering investment advice to fellow entrepreneurs rather than becoming a full-time author and editor.

Today, Tyler T. Tysdal is very involved in helping other entrepreneurs become successful. He has created multiple internet sites that offer investors a chance to communicate via email as well as participate in live chat. He also offers a newsletter that is distributed to numerous private companies as a means of managing partner communication. As an active private equity investor, Tyler T. Tysdal believes in diversifying his investments and is constantly looking for ways to generate income from different types of companies while increasing his overall net worth. Because of this, he has been able to achieve success in the fields of finance, real estate, technology, and the Internet and has been named on the Oprah Winfrey list multiple times.