Love Basketball so Much? Check this out!

basketballDo you love any sport? What kind of sport that you love to play? I believe that for those who really have the hobby in sport, they will like to find out any information about the favorite sport. We know that there are many kinds of sports that we can love based on your favorite. Let’s say that you love to play football, then maybe football will become your favorite sport. Or if you like to swim, maybe swimming can be such a good sport that becomes your favorite too.

For youngsters, basketball is another best sport that they love too. As we know that basketball is widely spread from America to all parts of the world. Basketball is another example of American popular culture that becomes so that famous to many countries in the world and many people like to play basketball. Basketball was invented by James Naismith, a Canadian physical teacher in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. At that time, Naismith thought about a sport game that did not have much injuries like football, then he created basketball. Naismith created the game for the sport of his students when the winter came. It would be impossible for the students to play outside because of the bad weather and he created basketball as the new sport to play indoor.

Furthermore, basketball is widely spread around the United States and it is widely spread throughout the world. In Olympic competition, the United States also dominated the international competition with the Olympic gold medal for the reward as the symbol of winning the Olympic competition. With the good development of basketball and the achievement of the United States in the Olympic competition, the game becomes one of the favorite in Olympic competition and it influences too many parts of the world too.

If we are asking why basketball can be so that popular, at least there are two possible reasons for that. First, it is easy to play. When you want to play this game, what you need to have is only indoor place, a pair of gym shoes, a ball, and also the hoop. As long as you have those things, you can play the game. But in case you do not have any indoor place, you can play it outside too. Second, it has the exciting finishes too. As we know that playing basketball can be so that exciting and when we play the game, we will feel the fun to play it.

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