How to Install Flat Panel Doors

There are a variety of flat panel door options, including solid wood, double hip raised, and beadboard. If you are looking for the least expensive option, try a 1/4” thick veneered MDF panel. This type of panel has a stable MDF core, making it a better choice than plywood.


To install beadboard on flat panel doors, you’ll need to cut the beadboard to the dimensions of the door’s inset panel. You should also use a C-clamp to secure the panels. Next, you’ll need to sand the face of the door with a belt sander until the glossy finish has worn off. After sanding, cut the beadboard to fit the size of the inset panel, ensuring that it has smooth edges. Next, you’ll need to apply construction adhesive to the beadboard panels. You should apply this adhesive to the beadboard edges 1/2 to 3/4″ away from the edges of the door panel, and then you’ll be ready to refinish the door.

Beadboard is a great way to give a room a traditional look. It adds warmth to the room, and can even create a cottage-style look. Beadboard can be used inside cabinets, too, giving them an additional layer of detail. You should be aware that the beadboard will also require more cleaning, and theĀ flat panel doors cost will vary depending on the wood used.


The Shaker flat panel door style has clean lines and a traditional look. Made from solid Pine with an MDF face, these doors are easily installed and ready to paint to match any decor. Plus, Shaker doors are sourced from sustainably-harvested forests, a plus for any environmentally conscious homeowner.

The Shaker flat panel door style is typically used in a face-frame cabinet. There are two common types of flat panels, mission and shaker. Each design has different variations, including a square panel with no top arch.

Double hip raised

If you have been considering new doors for your home but aren’t sure what kind to choose, you have a few options. There’s the traditional single hip raised panel that has been in homes for many years, or you can opt for the more contemporary flat panel. Flat panels can be purchased with a number of different styles and options, including ovolo sticking or shaking. You can even get a magnetic chalkboard panel to add some personality to your door.

A wooden door may have a single hip or a double hip raised on its panels. A single hip door has only one curve, while a double hip door has two. Both types are available with a variety of configurations, making them compatible with most architectural styles. When shopping for a wooden door, make sure to look for those with the requisite features and characteristics. You’ll also want to consider the door’s jambs, which are the vertical portions of the door frame.

Solid wood

Solid wood flat panel doors are also known as Arts and Crafts or Mission doors. In addition to the flat panels, solid wood flat panel doors are also available with raised panels. If you’re considering a solid wood door for your home, there are a few things you should know. The best way to find out more is to visit a store that sells solid wood doors.

Solid wood flat panel doors can have raised panels or decorative wood accents. They are a beautiful alternative to decorative door inserts and are also much more durable than standard plywood panels. Simpson flat panels offer a beautiful solution that also delivers exceptional performance. They’re 3/8″ thick and won’t rattle or warp like cheaper panels.


MDF flat panel doors are inexpensive and have a solid core, which means they are sturdy. They won’t expand or shrink even when exposed to environmental conditions. These doors also contain at least 69% recycled wood. They also come with a hardwood edge system, which gives them added stability and rigidity.

Unlike molded doors, MDF flat panel doors can be painted. They are also made of a smoother and more dense skin, making them a better choice for painted surfaces. While the product specifications vary among manufacturers, the differences are minimal. These doors are affordable and have a large variety of sizing and design options.