Coping With An Addict In The Family

You may need to deal with an addict in the family. Addiction can have a devastating effect on the lives of those who suffer from it. Family dynamics become fragile as addicted individuals move into their new roles and begin to cause chaos in the home. An addict in the family can also cause havoc with the family finances because of the expenses related to living under the influence of the addict. It’s very important that family members try to set limits and stick together no matter how different the needs of each individual family member.

When coping with an addict in the family, you will need the support of others to help you get through the difficult times. There are many types of resources available that you can tap into. A good book to read is “The Road to Recovery: Turning Your Addiction around,” by Jessica Ware. This book covers a multitude of situations and personal stories. This book is filled with helpful advice and powerful personal stories of people who have successfully dealt with addiction and obtained a healthy and meaningful life after being an addict. The “Road to Recovery” series is available on several websites on the internet.

Another excellent book is “Words Woven Into Time,” by Karen Bass. This book covers the many forms of recovery including spiritual, physical, mental, and family coping. The book also serves as a sort of primer for those who have been lifelong addicts. Bass offers words of encouragement for those who are still living the addiction. She offers words of hope for those who have left the world of addiction behind and are now working hard to recover their lives.

Many individuals and families look to the Christian faith for help in dealing with an addict in the family. The book “Answering the Call” by Lisa Nichols is a helpful primer for those who are Christians and addicts. The book offers helpful verses and a message of hope that will keep the reader motivated and inspired. It speaks of how to overcome temptation while staying true to the core of what the Bible preaches. The book also contains a scriptural summary of some of the most popular sermons and writings of the Bible. Those who read will find this book inspiring and comforting.

Those with an addict in the family may feel as if they are alone in their struggles and do not have an answer for their loved one’s addiction. The book “A Bride Gives Her First Marriage” by Bethel Redd is a scriptural read that addresses the pain of a wife who must deal with the death of her husband while at the same time dealing with an addiction that has taken over her family life. Reading the story of a woman who received the love of her life and then lost that love when her husband died is a painful process for any individual or family member. Redd’s scriptural approach to the matter provides a healing alternative that may be just what the individual is looking for to help them get past their pain and learn how to move forward in their lives. This is a book that will inspire and encourage the reader to find strength in God and in each other despite addiction and all of its trials and tribulations.

Addiction is a deadly disease that can take control of an individual or entire families. Family members should understand the dangers of living with an addict and how dangerous it can be for the addict as well as the individuals closest to them. There are many resources available that can help families cope with an addict in the family and stay together despite the struggles that may arise. It is important for everyone involved to seek help from Christian addiction treatment centers in order to receive the help and support that are needed.