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Giving Your Family Members a Chance to Help You through Estate Planning

estate planning

In today’s crazy world where everything has equal chance of happening, it becomes more and more important for you to protect your assets and money from possible misconducts and crimes. Identity frauds and scams are lurking behind your back, waiting for you to take a wrong step and rob you of what you have earned all these years. Before long, you are left with nothing and your family is in danger, as a result. It is understandable, as such, to see how many layers of defense system you have put in place to ward off threats and all that. Protection for assets of an individual is backed up by the law and therefore, an individual is awarded with a defense mechanism against privacy breach. The security of this kind of privacy protection is normally so thick that even you yourself sometimes find it frustrating just to get access to your own money. Now, if it is frustrating for you, imagine how of an insanely difficult thing that could be for your family. You would argue why your family needs access too to your assets if you can simply give them what they need right? In some cases, that would be the case; in other cases, though, your family is perhaps the only party beside yourself that can help you.

Here’s a scenario for you: imagine you are so sick that even getting up off the bed is an action that is enough to kill you in an instant. The condition is so grave and your future could not be any bleaker than this. What would you do to pay for the medical bills and to buy medicines? What would you do to still afford putting food on the table and paying your kids’ school fee? Your lawyer may prevent your family members from gaining access to your money, which will be helpful for them to do everything from accomplishing day to day needs to paying for the bills. Your lawyer is only doing what he or she is tasked with, though: protecting you from any threats that may put your assets at risk and that is a good thing. But that will also affect your family. While you are sick and incapable of providing for your family, how are they going to pay for the bills? Bills for basic needs are already choking; now that you also put the burdens of paying medical bills on them, too, one can only imagine how devastating that would be for them.

As you get older day by day, the chance that you might catch more and more diseases also gets bigger. As such, it also becomes more and more important that you put things together. The disease you develop might require the kind of doctors and treatments that can only be afforded by the amount of money you have on your account—which they do not have the access to. Therefore, you need to contact your lawyer to make estate planning Phoenix as soon as you can. And in this matter, no one is better than Sharon Ravenscroft you can rely on. She can help you with restructuring your will and setting up a living trust so that anyone you have listed as individuals having access to your assets can help you out in times of need. For more than 25 years, Sharon Ravenscroft has been dealing with this specific case. You can trust her with your needs and get things in order with ease as she will guide you throughout the process of estate planning. You and your family members can make use of her wide range of skills for this exact purpose.